Digital Town Readiness Framework

.IE has commissioned the Irish Institute of Digital Business at Dublin City University to undertake research to fully explore what a “digital town” is, how digital town’s differ from “smart cities” and to develop the Digital Town Readiness Framework.

The research carried out by IIDB at DCU led to the development of The Digital Town Readiness Framework which is academically robust and is the first of its kind developed in Europe. This framework is intended to be of interest to county councils, town planners, Enterprise Ireland, Chambers of commerce and Government policy makers. Using this framework any interested party can use the framework to assess if their local town is ready to participate in a digital society.

For more about the research conducted by IIDB and .IE, check out the digital town blueprint on .IE.

Digital Town

UAV-based Pavement Inspection

UVA-based pavement inspection used drone technology to inspect the pavements conditions. The drones will map out the area and assess the current site destress . This information will allow councils to proactively repair any areas before the damage has occurred.


UVA Drone