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Book Launch: Digital Towns: Accelerating and Measuring the Digital Transformation

Digital Towns provides insights on the urban-rural digital divide, how digital technologies can be used to transform and sustain rural societies & economies.

TY Students Test Air Quality in Gorey

Town of Things project hosted a three air quality workshops in Gorey schools. Education outreach allows students to get involved in the project.

Advancing Digital Maturity: DCU Students Propose Ideas to Advance Digital Maturity in Gorey.

During the last 6 months various education outreach activities have been conducted as part of the Town of Things project. Students have been learning about the technologies used within the project and developing new ideas for Gorey. Education outreach as an activity for the Town of Things project is a key activity. The aim of…


Hack-A-Town was the first hackathon hosted by Town of Things. Check out the digital ideas presented by MSc DCU students for Gorey!