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About the Town of Things

The Town of Things is a pathfinder project between Wexford County Council and the Irish Institute of Digital Business at Dublin City University to trial new technologies or innovative uses of existing technologies that:
  • offer useful insights to the citizens in Gorey, 
  • optimise the delivery of public services, and 
  • catalyse greater use of open data for innovation throughout Wexford.
The Town of Things is an Innovation project primarily funded by the Department of Rural and Community Development under the Digital Innovation Programme.
The initial project comprises numerous activities including:
  • On Street Engagement Platforms – a trial of a GDPR-compliant community feedback loop and the creation of a number of interactive reference points upon existing street furniture and enabled by SMS chatbots using the Hello Lamp Post platform, QR codes, proximity beacons and other innovative technologies.
  • Town of Things Open Data Platform – the launch of a Town of Things open data platform built on CKAN for storing and sharing open data on Gorey and the County of Wexford.
  • Box of Things – the installation of a cluster of sensors to collect environmental data on Main Street Gorey. The initial rollout will include sensors for measuring:
    • pedestrian footfall
    • vehicular traffic,
    • temperature, humidity and pressure
    • carbon monoxide (CO)  
    • nitric dioxide  
    • ozone (O3) 
    • sulfur dioxide (SO2)
    • particle matter (PM1 / PM2.5 / PM10)
    • noise
Additional sensors will be added over time. Data from these sensors will be shared as open data via the Town of Things portal and other recognised open data repositories. No personal data is collected or stored by these sensors.
  • Student Outreach – the project includes the design and delivery of workshops for schools and university students to learn about the technologies in the projects, and support students who wish to use Town of Things technologies or data for projects.
As a pathfinder project, elements of the Town of Things project will be evaluated, refined, and extended over the course of the project.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

All data collected from the Town of Things project will be made available as Open Data. This data can be used by entrepreneurs and researchers in Gorey and beyond to innovate, create new businesses, and for research.


A number new digital sensors will be installed across Gorey town adding to the digital infrastructure in Gorey. The information gathered from these sensors will be used to improve decision making for the town.

Digital Services

A number of new digital service will be made available to residents and visitors to Gorey town. Hello Lamp Post will provide the public with the opportunity to engage with street furniture in Gorey town and provide feedback to Wexford County Council.

Digital Transition

The Town of Things will reinforce Gorey as a first mover town in adopting digital technologies in Ireland. This project will use digital technologies to help solve challenges within Gorey town and the County of Wexford. 

Meet Our Team

Fintan Ryan

Fitnan Ryan

Wexford County Council

Theo Lynn

Theo Lynn

Irish Institute of Digital Business

Pierangelo Roasti

Pierangelo Rosati

Irish Institute of Digital Business