Box of Things

The Box of Things is a cluster of sensors that connects the physical world of Gorey Main Street to the digital world. 
The initial Box of Things comprises:
  • 1 Temperature, humidity, and pressure sensor.
  • 1 Carbon Monoxide (CO) for low concentrations.
  • 1 Nitric Dioxide high accuracy (NO 2 ).
  • 1 Ozone (O3 ).
  • 1 Sulphur Dioxide high accuracy (SO2 ).
  • 1 Particle Matter (PM1 / PM2.5 / PM10) – Dust.
  • 1 Noise Level Sensor.
  • Pedestrian Traffic Counters
  • Vehicle Traffic Counters
No personal data is gathered. Once collected, data will be validated, cleaned and shared with the public as Open Data. 
Together these sensors will provide near real-time data on pedestrian and vehicular traffic on the Main Street of Gorey and key metrics on environmental quality. Over time, this data will be used by Wexford County Council to inform public realm planning, traffic management, and local environmental policy.